Troubleshooting Parent Accounts

A parent account is not linked to all their children

Check that the parent is assigned parental responsibility for that child in your MIS.

If you have SIMS, check to see if multiple instances of the parent contact exist. It is often the case that a parent contact is created multiple times and linked to their children, rather than the same contact being used each time.

If you find this is the case, remove any duplications of the parent contact in SIMS and link the same parent to their other children.

Leavers are still appearing on SchoolPing

The data report sent from your MIS to SchoolPing should only include members of your school that are on roll.

Users that have left your school must have a past leave date assigned in your MIS to be recognised as a leaver.

As soon as the pupil is marked as a leaver, their parents will immediately be marked as leavers also.

After records have been taken off-roll in your MIS, we advise checking your SchoolPing user accounts the following day to ensure the leavers have been successfully updated. We recommend this step as a best practice to help avoid any unwanted leavers remaining on the system, should an unexpected interruption occur with your integration service.

Users are not receiving notifications / notifications are delayed

All users logged into the SchoolPing app should expect to receive an immediate notification for every message received.

The underlying cause of notification issues can vary depending on device hardware, operating system version and user defined preferences.

As a standard line of troubleshooting, we always recommend checking the following to help resolve the issue:

To test notifications issues, we advise users take their device into your school office to try sending test messages. If all the recommended checks are confirmed ok, and there is still a problem, you can contact the New Era support team for further investigation.