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Parents' Evening Booking Form

Parents’ Evening Booking System

The SchoolPing parents’ evening booking system provides you with a paper-less solution for managing your parents’ evenings.

Creating a booking form for parents

The option to Create a new booking form can be found on the SchoolPing dashboard Home page.

Parents’ evening booking forms are sent as part of SchoolPing messages.

Parent Evening Booking form create page

Choose groups of parents that you want to send this form to. Click on the Add recipient icon in the right of the To field and select all groups of parents that will be attending your parents evening.

Top tip: It is recommended to have separate booking forms for each class group.

If all class groups will have the same date/time slots, simply add all groups of parents together into the To field. When you click Send, you will be asked if you would like to create separate booking forms for each group. If you choose Yes, SchoolPing will create the separate booking forms automatically for you.

Preview your booking form

Before you send your parents’ evening booking form and message, you can preview how it will look by clicking on the PREVIEW button along to the bottom of screen.

Reserving slots prior to sending your booking form

SchoolPing admins can reserve, or book slots, on behalf of parents prior to the booking form being sent.

If you plan to reserve or book slots in advance, we strongly advise you choose to schedule the message to go out in the future to allow you time.

To schedule your message, click on the SCHEDULE MESSAGE button along the bottom of the page and choose a Send Date.

Scheduling a message also gives you an option to set an optional Expiry Date. After the expiry date the message is completely removed from the parents’ SchoolPing inbox. The expiry date can be set retrospectively from your Sent items list.

Tip: It is good practice to set expiry dates on all SchoolPing messages to help keep your parents inboxes tidy.

How to reserve/book slots

To reserve or book slots in a SchoolPing form, click on VIEW BOOKINGS from the Parents’ Evening Booking System title on the SchoolPing Home page.

Select Scheduled from the filter drop-down menu in the top right to view all scheduled booking forms.

Find the relevant booking form and click on any available green slot to see the Book/Reserve menu.


Can parents cancel or change their own bookings?


Parents can choose to remove their own bookings, and re-book if necessary, directly from within the app.

How do I change a booking, or cancel a booking on behalf of a parent?