Managing Leavers in SchoolPing

How leavers are processed

We recommend routinely monitoring the status of your SchoolPing users. As best practice, after you have taken pupils or staff off-roll in your MIS, check the status of your SchoolPing users the following day to ensure leavers have been successfully processed. Undertaking this step will help to avoid any unwanted leavers remaining on SchoolPing, should an unexpected interruption occur with your MIS integration service.

If you have any questions or issues relating to your leavers, then please contact the New Era support team on 01273 201701 or email us at for assistant.

How to check the status of your SchoolPing users

To find and manage a list of all your SchoolPing users follow these steps:

Note: If you find a user with a ‘red dot’ instead of a suit case, this means that the user’s account is just deactivated, and they are not recognised as a leaver. A deactivated user will be unable to log into SchoolPing or receive any communication.

When to delete SchoolPing leavers

If you are confident that accounts for leavers in SchoolPing are no longer required, then we would recommend that these are deleted. New Era will never delete leavers; this will be the responsibility of the school as the data controllers and a task that should be undertaken at suitable intervals.

To delete user accounts:

Please note that when you delete a user in SchoolPing the account enters a ‘soft’ deleted state for the purposes of data recovery and auditing. The data for deleted users will remain on our systems for a period until a support request to purge the data is received by your school, or purged as part of New Era's general server maintenance.

If you delete an account in error, please contact us immediately as we may be able to restore the deleted account for you.

For requests to purge data for deleted users, please email the New Era support desk on